A Guide to Innovative Lighting Ideas to Spruce up Your Staircase

Proper lighting plays an important role not just in your living room or bedroom, but also in stairways. It’s an easy way to highlight and bring together your home’s interior. This can be possible with remarkable decorative lighting solutions.

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Below you will find some of the most ingenious lighting solutions that we’ve accumulated for you:

  1. A cluster of pendants

If you have a heighted stairwell, hanging a layered cluster of pendant lights would be a mesmerizing spectacle. That’s true as these are a beautiful choice for ambient lighting, shedding light to all the nooks and corners from top to bottom level.

  1. Illuminate treads

For a stairwell not enclosed with walls, this is a practical and minimalistic solution. Having recessed lights along the tread would give your home a stylish at the same time sleek look. These compliment well with outdoor stone staircases as well.

  1. Handrail lighting

These will cast a light upon your banister, as these go under the handrail. A unique way to shed some light in an enclosed stairwell, but be sure to check all the angles before getting these installed in order to avoid high glare while climbing up.

  1. Under stairs lighting

For open staircases lying along your hallway, under stairs light is a striking option. This is because it’ll not only shed recessed light along the stairway, but also cast light upon the hallway wall.

  1. Dramatic chandelier

You want drama, get crystal chandeliers. Also, they give your humble abode a royal touch. A few tips to get yourself the best fit:

  • Out of the thousands of options to choose from, look-out for one that’s functional at the same time accentuates your wall color, space available, etc.
  • Size should be based upon the space available.
  • Position the chandelier so as to light up the darker places.
  • Wattage required shall depend upon the need of light in the particular corner.
  • Rain-drop, glass bulb, linear, candle, sputnik and caboche chandeliers are a few options you would want to explore before setting your mind on one.
  1. Others

Wall lighting, solitary pendant lights, floor lamps are also great options that you could look into while on your search for better lights.

Choosing the best fit for your stairwell lighting is a feat of personal taste. Often, pendant lights are a go-to solution for most people, but it all boils down to your personal style whether you want to hang illuminating crystal chandeliers catching everyone’s eye or just a recessed lighting will make you feel at home.