What Is Hydroponic Gardening

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Hydroponics is a  method of growing plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution.  Hydroponic mediums hold the plants upright and nutrient solution is delivered to the plants roots.  Plants are irrigated from the top or the bottom (sub-irrigation.)

Hydroponic plants grow 25-30% faster than traditionally grown plants because the perfect blend of nutrients is delivered directly to the root system. The plant does not need to expend energy on an extensive root system to find the food it needs, so all of its energy goes into upward leaf growth.

Plants can also be grown without any mediums as in Aeroponics technique.  Plant roots can be irrigated by spraying the roots in a grow chamber with nutrient solution.  The plants grow fast as the roots have as much oxygen as possible.

The most basic form of hydroponics is with a plant with its roots in the nutrient solution like a mason jar for example.  Plants can also grow by floating in water with its roots in the water, like in Aquaponics that feeds the plant from fish aquatic waste.  The plant will help clean the water for the fish and the fish waste will be converted into a nitrogen for the plant to grow.

Plant floating in a floaty ring with the roots growing into the water.
The plant above is floatingin a piece of float tube with the roots growing into the pond below.
Picture of a plant floating in a greenhouse in the in-ground pond. The shredded coconut holds the plant securely in the float ring. You can see the roots starting to grow, the white is the roots. 

You can garden inside or out, but most hydroponic systems are growing, plants and vegetables, inside house, building, or in a greenhouse.  There are many commercial greenhouses growing plants and vegetables all year round.

Discover how easy it is to make a hydroponic system that waters grow containers or trays automatically.  No more under or over watering, leave for a week or more, with plants healthy and growing on your return.

Hate to weed, good news, there are no weeds in hydroponic gardening because there is no dirt/soil involved. No pesticides needed because there is no dirt for bugs or disease like there is in soil. We use different mediums depending on the hydroponic technique being used in your system.

Hydroponic gardening is fun to do and is clean and easy to organize.  There are some tools needed for checking pH and value of the nutrient solution.  Most mediums and substrates are pH neutral so that just leaves the pH value and conductivity of the nutrient solution.

There are combination meters that can measure both pH and conductivity of nutrient solution. There is pH down and pH up which allows You to get the nutrient solution to the exact pH that the plants need.