Selling Chemicals: Methods To Accomplish Choice Makers

It is the goal of all sales and marketing professionals within the chemicals industry such as Bisley International to reach decision-makers at the moment they are ready to make a purchase. Material suppliers have found it more difficult to reach decision-makers because they have more options. Engineers, product developers, and product modelers all can make purchases. The internet offers a wealth of options and alternatives for decision-makers. It requires very little effort. Because it is easier to research, professionals tend to consider multiple suppliers before making purchase decisions. For sales and marketing professionals selling chemicals, it is crucial to understand why product engineers and formulators are searching for materials. To increase sales and win more customers, you must be able to sell chemicals in a way that suits your customers.

In today’s world of increasing options, here are  ways to make sure you are one of the 3 to 5 raw material supplier that engineers are considering when developing products.

Make Certain That Your Products Are Easy To Find When Your Customers Are Searching For Material Options.

Research is done online so you need to be able to sell chemicals online. This involves expanding your online visibility beyond your site. Your website can be optimized for organic searches so that potential customers can find your products. According to our survey of professionals who are responsible for researching materials and ingredient options, these are the top three resources they use on almost every project.

Understand Which Trends Lead Companies To Redesign And Develop New Products.

It is important to have a solid understanding of the trends and industry to know how to sell chemicals products. There are many reasons that a business might need to change its product. This is why businesses often seek out new suppliers and other options. This can lead to both risk and opportunity. So it is important that you stay informed. These are the top trends that prompt engineers and R&D professionals in researching alternative products.

  • Increasing Regulations
  • Raising Material Costs
  • Changing Technology

Takeaway If any of these trends are affecting your customers you may need to increase your marketing or sales efforts to profit from them. Your current chemical sales may require you to shift your product strategy or focus.

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Do You Have Any New Improvements?

Is there a certain time of the year that your products and materials are bought more often?

Key Takeaway: Make certain that your chemical content clearly shows the features that make your chemicals and ingredients special. Be sure to focus on the content on your site as well as content on search engines. Also, make sure that your marketing strategies and sales efforts match seasonality trends.

Find And Connect With Potential Customers Actively Researching Your Products

The takeaway: Thousands and thousands of industry professionals are actively seeking new raw materials, suppliers, and partners on Prospector. Connect provides actionable insights for your marketing and sales teams to help fill your chemical sales funnel.

Selling chemicals requires that you get in front of decision-makers. Understanding their needs and buying journey is also important. If you know how they choose materials and research them, you can make investments in the resources that will allow for new sales opportunities.