What You Should Know Before Starting a Plant Room

Have you ever come across an Instagram or TikTok video of a genuinely magnificent plant room? A room brimming with gorgeous plants. As you look around, many tints of green strike your attention. It’s the kind of space that makes you think, “Wow, I wish I had one of these myself.”
And it makes us wonder whether this happened gradually over time until it was the ideal accident. Did the designer of this ideal space intend for it to be this way? And how do you even go about putting one of these things together? There must be a lot to think about. We decided to contact one of our favourite plant people to see how she set up her amazing plant room.
“Plants were all over my apartment before I moved into the place I’m in now,” Larson says. “They were gathered beneath grow lights, gradually filling the little window area I had.” I really wanted to be able to reach the bulk of my plants in one location while also being able to close the door and keep my inquisitive cat out of mischief.”
The impetus for the room’s development is understandable: many dogs might be too interested about plants dispersed throughout the home, and not all plants are healthy for pets. Keeping them together makes it easier to prevent your fuzzy companions from knocking anything over or chewing onto something that isn’t safe for them.
“I transferred the bulk of my plants to this place myself, and it took at least ten trips in my tiny SUV crammed full of plants,” Larson adds. “It took a few more months to obtain some cabinets and set them up to house my humidity-loving plants.”
Larson’s finished plant room is extremely stunning and gives off some green paradise feelings. Here’s her greatest suggestion for building a lush dedicated green area so you may have your own plant room.
Group Conditions and Treatment
It is critical to ensure that you have the proper configuration. If you’re going to maintain a lot of plants in one place, you should make things as simple as possible for yourself. That is why it is critical to keep similar plants together. “The bulk of my collection is aroids like monsteras, philodendrons, alocasias, anthuriums, and so on, since the maintenance is similar from plant to plant,” Larson adds. “I soon discovered that if I’m going to have a huge number of plants to care to on a daily basis, they had to be reasonably low-maintenance, and a lot of philodendrons and monsteras are precisely that.”
Make sure the lighting is enough.
When it comes to setting up a plant room, there are several factors to consider. The most crucial factor is light. “Lighting is quite crucial. “If I had my way, my plant room would be all windows with no walls,” Larson says. “Unfortunately, we frequently have to deal with what we have, therefore I have grow lights all over the house in addition to two windows facing north and west.”