What makes a permanent roof safety rail the best piece of height safety equipment?

There are several reasons why someone would need to go on a roof. It might be for cleaning or roof maintenance, but safety is always a top issue. Whether on a building site or your roof, you should consider every feasible precaution to keep everyone on your roof safe.

Many safety precautions, such as roof anchor points and roof safety rails, can be used to accomplish this. If you have to choose between the two, a roof safety rail may be the preferable alternative. For one reason, it ranks higher in the control hierarchy than certain other roof safety equipment. Continue reading to learn why.

Roof Safety Rails Offer Unparalleled Height Safety And Support

Roof railings serve the same goal as stair railings: to provide users with safety and support. It acts as a physical barrier for those on the roof who need to approach near the edge. Anyone working on the roof will feel safe with the aid of the roof safety rail.

What Material Is It Composed Of?

Roof safety rails are normally made of high-quality aluminum. The advantage of having an aluminum roof railing is that it will not rust when exposed to rain and is UV resistant.

Another advantage of a roof safety railing is that it may be manufactured to order. This aims to provide you with the finest in terms of both safety and design. Even as a permanent component, the railing will not detract from the attractiveness of your home or structure.

Why A Permanent Roof Safety Rail Is Preferable

A permanent roof safety fence keeps people from straying too near to the edge and perhaps falling off the raised surface. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that anyone working on your roof who is close to the edge is safe. The roof railing will act as a barrier, keeping them safe while they operate on the roof.

Of course, roof anchor points are a type of fall arrest device for fall protection that helps to keep someone from falling after they have fallen. However, the efficacy of roof anchors is determined by how they are used, therefore it is evaluated differently than safety rails in the hierarchy of control for working at heights. A Roof Safety Rail is meant to prevent a fall, which is why it is ranked high in the hierarchy of control.

So, while a roof anchor point may be your initial consideration when considering roof safety, a permanent roof safety rail is more remarkable when a higher hierarchy of control is used to guide your selections. In many cases, this makes it the best piece of height safety equipment.

Consider Additional Height Safety Equipment

Working at an extreme height is perilous, therefore you shouldn’t think of just one technique to handle height safety. Instead, you should think about as many choices as possible. This significantly reduces the probability of an accident or falls occurring. Here are some more possibilities:

  • Roof stairwells
  • Roof terraces
  • Straight lines
  • Roof rungs
  • Roof access panels

Having all of these alternatives accessible allows you to give the greatest possible roof safety regardless of who is on the roof. Accidents may happen at any time, so be sure you’ve covered all of your bases, including safety equipment. On-site and on roofs, make sure your workforce is wearing the proper safety equipment.

Installing roof safety railing eliminates the risk for anyone who has to be on your house or building’s rooftop.

Do you require a permanent roof safety rail for your building? Contact Australian scaffolds now for all of your height safety requirements.