How To Select Kitchen Countertops?

Kitchen countertop design is crucial. Week to week, there is so much occurring on countertops, from water and sauce spills to scratches, counters look to be organically packed. Since countertops take up a lot of your remodeling cash, why not make a statement?

Choosing the proper Denver countertop designs, patterns, and colors for your theme is crucial and difficult. To save money, update your kitchen countertops without changing your cabinets. Check out our pros and disadvantages for beveled countertop edges, the most frequent. Check out our countertop and floor combo guide.

Use this advice to choose countertops that complement your kitchen’s style to avoid mismatches!

Countertop Colors

The kitchen’s color scheme and countertop colors and patterns are crucial. To match countertops, both must be considered. Granite, quartz, solid surface, laminate, and marble are all sturdy, multicolored possibilities. Granite countertops feature naturally veiny patterns that may add beauty to your kitchen, but if you don’t pick the proper patterns or colors, you’ll just have a giant slab of granite where the countertops should be.

Dark or gray counters suit bright/light kitchens. It’s the basic combination of black and white yet it looks extremely lovely and never goes out of style! Grainy patterns on black countertops add an opulent touch to any style of kitchen whether you’re looking for a conventional or a minimalistic kitchen. An “everything white” kitchen may appear basic and boring.


They may beautify your kitchen if done appropriately. Therefore, you must choose your countertops carefully to complement the kitchen cabinets rather than detract from them.

If you have dark/grey cabinets, you may either blend light and dark or opt for both dark cabinets and counters in a light kitchen. Green quartz or granite worktops may provide color to a kitchen with wood-textured cabinetry. Correctly crafted combinations are unlimited.

One common approach is to make the countertop the focal point and then design the backsplash with the same material (optional) in varied tones. Remember your kitchen’s theme. Choose a light focus color for countertops in a dark kitchen and vice versa!

Island Tops

We should also mention the island countertops. It’s easy to miss this, yet it may ruin the kitchen’s mood. Because it doesn’t have cabinetry or a backsplash, you may give it a unique style. Choose something that complements the perimeter countertops rather than matching them. If you have dark textured perimeter countertops, use a light island color and keep the cabinets the same. Dark countertops with wood island counters look excellent too!

In a classic or transitional kitchen, pendant lighting over the island adds flair. These nuances are sometimes overlooked, yet they enhance your kitchen’s style.


Keep these ideas in mind while choosing kitchen countertops. As noted, you may pick laminate, quartz, granite, soapstone, wood, stainless steel, or other materials for your countertops, but choosing the proper color combinations and patterns is as crucial. Choose a dominant hue and use different mixes of the same or complementary tones around the kitchen for a safe approach. Remember, countertops consume 10-30% of the money, so why not make it count?!