Upgrade Your Rental Lighting With These Practical Tips

Any apartment resident understands that apartment lighting isn’t always ideal (and in many cases, that may be an understatement). We can help you choose how to make your room seem brighter and more welcome if you are unsatisfied with the current fixtures in your apartment and are seeking for easy methods to make a difference. Here are seven expert-approved strategies for permanently improving the lighting in your rental unit. Prepare to wave goodbye to those drab boob lights and welcome to fixtures that represent your own flair.
Attempt This Lightbulb Trick
Don’t be concerned if the lightbulbs in your apartment give your place a less-than-welcoming vibe. Imani Keal, a home influencer who lives in a studio apartment in Washington, DC, gives a useful tip. “Pair an unlacquered brass fixture with an amber glass light bulb for a moody/cozy appearance,” she says. “The ‘golden light’ is amazing, and it will warm up any room.”
Fake Custom Sconces You may have always enjoyed the beauty of sconces hanging beside a bed or in the living room, but as a tenant, you can’t simply electrically wire a fresh new piece into the wall. While there are several plug-in sconces on the market, individuals looking for a cord-free arrangement can try this easy puck light hack. Simply mount the sconce to the wall, insert a puck light inside (which can be found inexpensively at home improvement shops), and you’re done. The lights may be operated by a remote control, and your sconces will look just like electrically hardwired ones, with no need for an electrician.
Say Goodbye to Obnoxious Fixtures
Consider removing light fixtures that don’t match your design taste and replacing them with new ones, with your landlord’s consent. If your apartment is packed with hideous “boob lights” (round flush-mounted ceiling lights) or other outmoded items, check out home design shops like Target, Amazon, and Wayfair, which are brimming with inexpensive, modern lighting alternatives. Of course, you’ll want to choose a fixture that’s both attractive and useful. “I try to search for lights with more than one bulb in order to really optimise the light in a space,” says Eggshell Home designer Rosanna Bassford.
Of course, after you’ve decided on a piece you like, you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional to ensure the installation goes as easily as possible! Just remember to save the original fixtures someplace secure, since you’ll need to re-hang them before you move out.
Add a lot of lights.
There are a plethora of fashionable lights in all forms, sizes, and colours on the market, so consider this your licence to go crazy and deck out your room with a plethora of colourful, new fixtures. “I constantly promote lamps and floor lights on all my projects to all my customers,” says Garrow Kedigian, designer of Garrow Kedigian Interior Design. “Task lighting properly placed throughout a space fills pockets of light neatly into every corner, allowing for gentle ambiance suited to warmer and more inviting surroundings.” Bassford concurs. “Portable lights not only give much-needed lighting in residences, but they are also beautiful,” she explains. “There are so many different kinds available that you can truly suit your d├ęcor and style. Alternatively, the light might be the focal point of a room.”