You’ll Want to Try These Rustic Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is one of the simplest ways to make your kitchen more efficient and useable. And, although there are many different designs of kitchen islands to suit any room, there’s something inherently warm and inviting about a rustic one. A rustic kitchen island helps to make your place seem snug, welcoming, and simply like home. There are several rustic kitchen island ideas for every house, whether you already have a rustic-themed kitchen or wish to mix and match designs.
Chic Farmhouse
This rustic alternative from Farmhouse on Boone is a little bit rural, a little bit contemporary, and ideal for any kitchen that may benefit from some more counter space. It not only provides more space for chopping and preparation, but the shelves and cabinet also offer convenient storage for pots, pans, and other needs.
An Island Made of Reclaimed Wood
If you have a lot of room, why not fill it with a lovely kitchen island like this one from thelinenrabbit? This gorgeous island not only provides plenty of additional storage and counter space, but it also stands alone as an heirloom piece that helps set the tone for the whole kitchen. A basic, but lovely wooden island like this one is ideal for any contemporary farmhouse kitchen.
Put Some Color In
While rustic is often associated with heavy, deep timbers and strong structure, it does not have to be colourless. This lovely island from its a meethsister thing is fun and one-of-a-kind, with vivid teal planks that provide a splash of colour to an otherwise bland kitchen. We also like how it appears next to the patterned tiles—when it comes to rustic design, don’t be hesitant to mix and match styles.
Keep It Simple
Something about a shaker kitchen island screams classic. Lizzie Marie’s gorgeous wooden kitchen island is the ideal accent element for an otherwise white kitchen. It provides a lot of warmth to a contemporary area, making it seem very pleasant and homely. This piece also has substantial embellishments that lend a lot of texture to the kitchen.
A lovely weathered appearance
With a lovely aged wood finish that gives it a rustic farmhouse character, this kitchen island from countryline farmhouse appears like it’s been in the family for decades. The large hardwood plank countertop and beadboard panelling make it a one-of-a-kind and original focal point for the space. This is the ideal focal point for any country kitchen.
Rustic does not have to imply huge, substantial items that take up the whole kitchen. This island from Embracing the Chaos is a great multi-purpose piece that not only adds more counter space but also forms a breakfast bar for sipping coffee or reading the morning paper. Black may appear rustic when combined with other dark woods, and if you use blackboard paint, you can utilise the area for shopping lists, notes, and appointments.
Choose Shiplap.
There’s no doubting that shiplap is one of today’s most popular contemporary, rustic materials. Decorating with shiplap is a terrific way to bring a rustic vibe to any space, whether Joanna Gaines is to blame or the aesthetic is simply so flexible that it’s made its way into various sorts of houses. This gorgeous kitchen island from Charlotte’s Happy Home keeps the same concrete countertop as the rest of the kitchen but adds texture with white shiplap.