Top Tips For Hiring Quality Moving Companies

There are millions upon millions of moves that take place every year in the United States. It is no wonder that they all go smoothly and without any issues. High-quality moves are a must.

Even though everything seems so smooth, there is always the possibility of scams or poor practices. It is in everyone’s best interest to learn about each step.

Here are some ways to find the right team for you to move

Moving In Stock

A reputable company will take inventory, determine the weight and quantity of your possessions, and either conduct a survey in person or by using a virtual survey. The estimator will inspect your storage areas, such as bookcases, garages, cabinets and drawers. A significant portion of the price charged by the mover is based upon the weight and space that your goods take up within the truck. You should ensure that you are clear about the estimate and that it is accurate.

Take A Complete Tour Of

An estimator who just does a walk-through of your home without knowing what you intend to move is likely to be wrong. An experienced estimator will ask what you plan on moving from your current house into your next. Make sure to be ready to tell the estimator about the items you don’t want in the truck.

Don’t Pay A Large Deposit

Reputable movers aren’t going to ask for large deposits or cash upfront. You should only pay for delivery. You cannot control when you will see your possessions again if you make a payment in advance. A credit card can help you protect against possible fraud when you do pay.

Find References On Movers

Ask any mover to provide references. They should be able to provide a list that includes three previous customers who moved in the last three months. Contact these customers and ask them questions about their experience.

Avoid Packing Costs

Your belongings are usually safe if you pack them yourself. But, having your mover pack your belongings can lead to higher costs for boxes and packing materials as well as extra labour. Make sure to ask about the experience of your movers before you hire them. Most packers are diligent, but it’s important to avoid someone who simply stuffs whatever they can into boxes and seals them up without much regard for the possibility of damage.

Pay Extra

Are you moving into a one-story house, or do you live in two-story houses? Moving from a 10th-floor apartment to another? Do you need Urgent removals? You will be charged an additional fee if you have to use stairs or elevators. A narrow street is too narrow for a moving truck? A surcharge will apply for moving your belongings into a smaller truck for delivery. You should ask your mover about any extra fees.

You Can Skip The Blank Moving Contract

Never sign a non-binding contract. Always get everything in writing. If you don’t have your laptop labelled in the inventory form that you sign before the driver leaves, it won’t be there when he arrives. You cannot claim something that doesn’t appear on your inventory list.